That my Garments may be Clean

The Lord God has put it upon my heart that I need to declare a message on this platform, that I may rid my garments of the filth of this world. Perhaps none will see it, or perhaps few. My prayer is that many do. But either way, I am putting this information online, that it may not be said of me, that I did not raise a warning voice, with the opportunities given me from the Almighty. These views reflect my best understanding of God’s will, but not necessarily the views of this organization.
Today I shall decry the evil that God has asked me to, and proclaim to you the true name of the God of Heaven. Several months ago, God gave me a dream, wherein I was instructed to proclaim against 2 vices, and announce 1 blessing. The 2 vices are
1. Abortion and all violence
2. Homosexuality and all immorality
The blessing is to know the name of God, which few know. His name is,


YHVH in Hebrew

The modern English rendition is JEHOVAH. However, this name did not even exist 600 years ago. As the original 1611 King James Version attests, the letter “J” in English, had not been invented yet. What is now the “J” was usually an “I”. So modern JEHOVAH, would have been rendered anciently as YAHOVAH.

Why do we need to know this?

Because, “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of YAHOVAH (whenever the KJV renders the word LORD or GOD in all caps, it means they substituted that English word for YAHOVAH, following a Jewish tradition invented in the 1st century A.D.) shall be delivered”. How can we call on his name for deliverance, unless we know his name? The Lord is not a name. Nor is God. Nor Father. These and many others, are all appropriate titles of the deity, but to know and call upon his NAME, is the path to deliverance. Know the name of your God! There is power in calling on his name, even the name, of YAHOVAH!
If my assignment was but to bless you, my heart would rejoice, but now I must pronounce curses upon the people of the world, in particular, curses upon those of the United States of America. They have received much, but have taken lightly the gift God gave to them, and have become more wicked than Sodom or Gomorra.


God’s first grievance with you, oh America, is your culture of violence! America is Babylon, they are one and the same, and those of you who are more loyal to this nation than to the God who set it up, are raging right now, and the devil is leading you. Let us compare our situation with that of the nation of ancient Israel. I know you probably do not now see it, but if you are angry with me for these things, then you would have been angry with Jeremiah, and Lehi, and Christ himself. Choose your side wisely. 

1. Both America and Israel were founded by righteous men, directly by the hand of God, to serve a righteous purpose in blessing the other nations of the world.
2. Both America and Israel grew to be known as the richest nations of the earth, none did exceed them in power or glory, and they were for the most part righteous.
3. Both rejected the prophets, slew them, and turned to idolatry
4. Both attempted to separate and had civil war, only Israel was successful in actually separating
5. Both became full of sodomy, fornication, murder, child sacrifice (abortion), but still claimed that they were a righteous people of whom God blessed.
6. God sent many prophets to Israel, including Jeremiah and Lehi to warn the people. They were seen as unpatriotic cowards, ungrateful to the “righteous nation”, because they condemned the nation as wicked and corrupt and that God was no longer with them, and prophesied of its destruction. They were hated and rejected, while those prophets who prophesied soft things, and just told the people to be nice and not to worry about Babylon because God was with them, were hailed as true prophets. Many prophets have been sent to America, but most are rejected and excommunicated from their denominations.

I now declare that the times of the gentiles are nearly fulfilled, that this once great nation has rejected their God, and is wicked and vile to the core. Those who still hold this nation as righteous are wickedly blinded by pseudo patriotism.
Our nation has done all and exceeded the wickedness of the Israelites. They sacrificed thousands of children to their pagan gods, but we have sacrificed millions to ours. The false gods of women’s rights and overpopulation are drunk on the blood of the innocent. The next time you are feeling high and mighty with your false patriotism to this pagan nation, go to, and watch the live abortion clock. There are about 77 abortions a minute, world wide. 77 murders, lets call it what it is. Is it a life or is it not? If it is not a life, then you are not a life either, and you can be aborted at any time. But if it is a life, then it is murder. This nation has sacrificed about 60 million children. That is more child sacrifices than all the Canaanites and the Israelites combined, oh but we’re such a righteous wonderful nation.

The following is an excerpt from an email I sent to an old friend of mine, it felt fitting to place here,

It is interesting but sad to research into what the land of Canaan was doing before the Israelites came and started cleaning house. Fools read passages where God says to wipe out entire cities and say God is harsh, but they don’t look at what those wicked people were doing. In fact, it is amazing to think of God’s grace in not destroying those people sooner. They were filled with the grossest of iniquities. They were having so many child sacrifices and were raping so many kids and taking part in so much sodomy it would cause the attendees of the Bohemian Grove to blush.
Then we in our seats of self-righteous indignation say, ‘oh those wicked Canaanites, how could they do such evil, they got what they deserved.’ But take a look at our own society and we (not specifically of course but generally) are doing the same things and worse! Our scale is much higher! We say oh those wicked people, how could they sacrifice their children to false gods! And yet every day we sacrifice through abortion many thousands of children to the false gods of overpopulation, of women’s rights, of free sex. We have done more wickedly than all the nations of Canaan and of Israel, they killed thousands in total, we kill that daily, now around 60 million children slaughtered, for the gods of science and progression. And we cry over the 6 million Jews. This holocaust has been 10 times as evil, but you won’t hardly see a tear shed for that. As I was looking at the statistics for the number of these murdered children, my heart broke and the tears flowed. It was a live count, the numbers kept going up, up, up. Another child murdered, another one ripped to pieces, that’s how they perform these. If you have not seen, they literally rip the baby into pieces and pull it out, bit by bit. At least the Canaanites killed them more quickly and slightly more humanely. Oh, but we’re so advanced! We’re so civilized! We slaughter thousands a day.

If that didn’t depress, this testimony will.

In an interview with Lepanto Institute, former Satanist Zachary King shared about his 26-years in the occult and his involvement in ritual abortions.
As LifeNews previously reported, many Satanists believe abortion is sacred and some participate in the procedures themselves. In fact, King explained that participating in abortions is particularly important for Satanists because it’s considered the best way to give an offering to Satan.
He explained, “In Satanism, killing something or the death of something is the most effective way of getting your spell accomplished. As far as trying to get satan’s approval, to give you something that you want, killing something is the best way to go. Killing something is the ultimate offering to satan, and if you can kill an unborn, that is his ultimate goal.”
However, the Satanic Temples Website gives their more “acceptable” position on abortion. It says members “believe in individual autonomy, personal choice, and the inviolability of one’s own body.” They add, “…We believe one should be free to make one’s own decisions, uncoerced, based on the best available scientific evidence, whether or not the science comports with the religious and/or political views of others.” King said that he joined a satanic coven when he was 14-years-old and participated in his first abortion three months before his 15th birthday. He explained, “Just after I turned 14, the coven members came to me and said that I was going to be involved in an abortion in about 9 months. There was a sex party with all the male members between 12 and 15 and a female member over 18 and her purpose was to get pregnant, and then she was going to have an abortion in 9 months.”
He said the first question he asked coven members was if what they were doing was legal. They responded, “Yes it is, as long as it’s in the womb. As long as the baby is still inside the woman, you can kill it.” Additionally, King said they told him there would be a doctor and a nurse to help out with the abortion because it was a medical procedure.
The abortion took place in a farmhouse and King said it was surprisingly cleaner than many of the actual abortion facilities he visited later. He described the experience like this, “There was a woman in stirrups about to have a baby who was surrounded by 13 top members of our coven, which were all high priests and priestesses. I was inside the circle with the woman and the abortion doctor. All the adult members of my coven were there. There were several women kneeling on the floor, swaying back and forth chanting ‘our body and ourselves’ over and over again. Off to the side were several male members of our coven all chanting and praying.”
Apparently, King didn’t have to perform the actual abortion, he just had to insert the scalpel and get blood on his hands. The former Satanist did admit that particular abortion was the worst he had ever seen.
He said, “…The doctor reached in, ripped the baby out and threw it onto the floor where these women were swaying. The women looked like they were possessed, and when the doctor threw the baby out to them, they cannibalized the baby.”
Unbelievably, King went on to participate in 141 ritual abortions. He said that prior to being a high wizard he only did five but after that he did significantly more. In the interview, King also said that high profile abortion facilities drew members of the occult because of the opportunity to perform ritual abortions.
L.I. – How did you get invited to do satanic abortions at these [high profile abortion facilities]? Did someone call you? How did that come about?”
King – As the high wizard, you’re the go-to guy in the satanic coven, so most people either call someone that they know in that coven or they’ll call because we did a lot of work with the Illuminati as well, so they’ll call them. This is all, obviously people that have to be in the know of these kinds of things, but you get invited to participate. The World Church of Satan isn’t the only organization that does satanic sacrifices in [these facilities]. There are other witchcraft organizations, such as wiccans, who are really involved in committing abortions inside these [high profile facilities]. You sometimes get invited to do the ritual abortion by the director of the facility or some high-up administrator, or sometimes the doctor is a satanist and they’ll invite you to come in and participate in an abortion or they will want to do a ceremony at the end of the day. Now, at the end of the day, every day, satanic groups do like a Black Mass service, usually around midnight, and it will be an extended service that will last about 2 or 3 hours where they dedicate all the babies that were killed that day to satan. It doesn’t matter why women go in for the abortion, all the babies get dedicated to satan at the end of the day.” (

“Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!” (Jeremiah 9:1)

When reading this you either did what I did, cry to God and beg forgiveness for being in such a wicked nation, or you were hard of heart and tried to disbelieve this, because you don’t want to believe something this evil could be happening in America, every single day. I don’t blame you for not wanting this to be true, I wish it wasn’t; but it is, and burying your head in the sand won’t make it go away.

Let us end this section with the words of Father,

And Yahovah spake unto Moses, saying,
2 Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
3 And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
4 And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
5 Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people. (Leviticus 20)

We learn from these passages, that God not only hates abortion, and demands the death penalty for it, but he also hates those who will not carry out his judgements against those guilty of this, and condemns them as wicked also. If you have had or supported, even if only in mind, abortion, then please repent. What you have done is evil, and God will send you into everlasting torment in the lake of fire. However, you can repent of your wickedness. God hates abortion. I say that in the name of the Lord, Yahovah. He hates abortion, and will judge those who do not. Both his right and left arms are extended towards you. He is ready to destroy you, but he is also ready to heal you. The choice is yours.


“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13)

No matter how you try to spiritualize the scriptures, or say “the law is fulfilled” or whatever other nonsense you come up with, God herein decrees that he hates homosexuality so much, those who commit it, are worthy of death. If that makes you uncomfortable, if you say “that’s not the God I serve”, then you do not serve the one true God. If you do not agree with God’s decrees, then you are in opposition to him, on the side of Satan.
Not much time needs to be spent on this. Either you agree with God or you agree with Satan. Homosexuality, cross-genderism, all these perversions are abominations to God. The word “abomination” in Hebrew, denotes disgust, repulsion, even hatred. “God doesn’t hate anything!” you say. Yet if you say that, then you are a scriptural illiterate, and know not the God who made you. God decrees truth. It is then our assignment to accept it. Rejecting God’s truth doesn’t change truth, it makes you a fool. Fools will be damned, for “the glory of God is intelligence” (Doctrine and Covenants 93:36). If you are even guilty of watching TV shows that show homosexuality as acceptable, then you are guilty of supporting this sin.

If you actively suppose it is ok to be gay, then you do not know the true God. If you, heaven forbid, have committed these sins, then you are worthy of death, or else God is a liar. But if you are fully of contrition, then do not despair, for Christ died even for that. All sinners need healing, and can find it through Christ. If you do not repent, one day you will awake in hell, in torment, knowing full well how deserving you are of your punishment. God is a King. This universe is his domain. Governments have rules, and if you do not abide them, you will be punished and sent to prison. God has a prison house of his own, but those torments are far worse than what man can conjure. God will curse you with a clear mind and perfect memory, so that you will know all the times God tried to save you in mercy, but you spat upon him, even while he suffered on the cross for you. Your guilt will eat your soul, and you will beg to cease to exist, but you will not be able to die any longer. This is will be your fate. But why would you choose that, when his arms of mercy are outstretched toward you?

These things I have declared under the authority of Christ our Lord, and I am prepared to stand before him and give an account of these words. Are you prepared to give an account of your own deeds? The day of judgement will come. Repent now, while it is still the day of grace. I know God’s power to heal. I have been the chiefest of sinners. I have done things so wicked it causes me to wince in pain. But nevertheless my brothers and sisters, Christ has healed me and claimed me. Accept his love. You can change. Abortion and violence are evil. Homosexuality and all immorality are evil. Yahovah is the holy name of God our Father, rejoice in it. Know who your God is. In the name of Yeshua Messiah, Amen.