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Our World

We are present in three Countries

Our Promise

100% of the donations go to those in need

Our Reach

15 Million People

One moment that changed our lives.

A group of friends, Ex-Red Cross Volunteers decided not to buy Christmas gifts, and donate the money to those in need of food, clothing, and medicine. So it happened, people were helped, and a light of hope came into their lives.

They had a feeling to do more for those in need, thus opening an NGO, to bring people together and be a blessing to all. Many people with limited budgets responded to this higher call, to help, and save lives.

Our mission is to help people who are in urgent need of life necessity, who can not provide them for themselves.

There are children that are sick and in need of medicine. Their families live in very difficult conditions and don’t have the means to provide these medicines. The lives of these children are in grave danger. Our volunteers donate and purchase the medicines needed to save their lives.

There are numerous families that live on the edge of survival and don’t have food on their tables. We provide essential foods, so these families can hope another day.

Volunteers from all over the world, come together to work as one. Our process is simple. We gather donations, find people that are in urgent need and quick to their aid we try to be. This work blesses the lives of those who give and receive.

All of our proceedings go to help those in need, and each person that volunteers time, money, food or clothes will know through pictures or videos where their efforts went. They will have the option to have those helped read favorite passages of scripture and praise God.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Who can volunteer?
  • Ans: Anyone can volunteer. Please fill out the form.
  • Q: How can I donate?
  • Ans: Please go to the Donate page, and chose your option there
  • Q: How do I know people are being helped?
  • Ans: You will receive prof where your money and talents go to.


Help children in need

Currently, we are present in three countries, United States, India and Albania. We see there are numerous poor people, and especially children. Our heart goes to them along with our efforts to help them with food, medicine, clothes, and other basic needs of life.

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Life is beautiful, it has to be enjoyed. As we help those around us, happiness will be easier to achieve, life more meaningful, and words and actions more uplifting.

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